photomania-bbe71446b3d3f85f5429afe4389b0a34 love all animals but especially dogs , they were my substitute for a family and since I  had never been so financially poor but internally rich working as a volunteer at the Animal Control Center which is one of the highest kill rate shelters in NY. I wanted to make sure I walked them all since if one went unnoticed it might feel unloved and that was not the case. I needed the unconditional love that these pit bulls were so ready to give, we were labeled by society and I felt closer to these throwaway dogs than I felt to my own family. “Come here Dumbo,” I said with loving eyes. ” Stop pulling Stupid,” I said with a smile and continued to engage with terms of Endearment like stupid/ silly/dumb ass etc…when all of a sudden I realized I didn’t know how to say something nice even when I was positive. When a child is not nurtured or given positive affirmation it definitely becomes part of their social communication skills deficits. I loved their company with all my heart but only knew how to speak with negative words for terms of endearment…..



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